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A beginner's guide to Disneybounding

Disclaimer: this was written by a girl with a girl's closet… so it would most likely speak to mostly girls, but I hope our guy-friends will find some inspiration here as well.
So you've decided you want to let some Disney-magic into your life and wardrobe, but you're overwhelmed, don't know where to start, and a little scared Disneybounding will take over your life.
Well - If you let it - it will. Disneybounding can change your life. It can help boost confidence, lift your creativity. let you feel like a part of a community of like-minded people, and it makes people-watching a whole lot more fun...
But doesn't it cost a fortune?
Well, it doesn't have to. Like any hobby, things can get expensive, but if you limit yourself, learn where to get things for cheap, experiment with DIY and focus on the basics – you can look like a princess even with a pauper's budget.

So, what are "the basics"?
For me, a good Disneybound basic is an item that fits more than one character. A nice red dress with white polka dots is a wonderful bounding item but not a very good basic – it only really fits Minnie Mouse. If you find it for cheap – go for it. If not, better focus on something more reusable.
fun bound, not a good basic. Headpiece DIYed by me,
Also, though it would be nice to have the exact shade your character of choice is wearing – it's not necessary. Green is green, pink is pink, and close enough is good enough.
Rapunzel shades are beautiful but are almost impossible to find
A few months ago, we did a week long challenge in the group titled "1 carry-on, 7 bounds" – we had to choose a limited amount of items and use only them (+accessories) for 7 different bounds. A challenge like that is really great to figure out what are your "basics". These were mine:
A peasant shirt – this one can fit an endless number of bounds. From Prince Charming to Aurora, Belle and Esmeralda – it's always a good item to have on standby and it'll give any outfit a more "Renaissance feel".
Light blue shirt – This one works for Cinderella (both ball gown and maid look), Anna and Elsa, Ariel (town dress), Alice, blue fairy… even Stitch or "Ocean".
Yellow dress – as a full dress you can use it for Belle, Jane, Tiana, or Honey Lemon. Add a blue top – and you're Snow White. A red one – you're Winnie the Pooh. Add a ton of flower pins – and you're Rapunzel's braid…
Blue dress – obviously, Belle's town dress, but it also works for Aurora, with a yellow skirt – Snow White, with a blue shirt and a black strapless top – for Ariel. 
this one is the blue and yellow dress together
Black strapless top – As mentioned, this works great for Ariel, but also for her mortal enemy Ursula, as well as briar Rose. Of course, since this is bounding and not a full on accurate costume, you can use it for practically any character with a black top – from Maleficent to Anna.
Teal dress – teal is a versatile color – not quite blue and not quite green, but when in need – it could sub for both.
It's a perfect fit for Merida, or Elsa's coronation dress, but it also works for Ariel's fins, Esmeralda's corset, or Flit, Pocahontas' little bird friend.
Purplish-pink shawl – shawls are a great versatile item! They can be used practically anywhere around the body – as a head wrap, as a top, as a skirt, or even as a bag with a few knots…
This one was useful as a cape for both Anna and Elsa, and Also for Esmeralda's skirt.

As you probably noticed, there are a lot of dresses on this list…. Dresses are a great basic item because when combined with other items, they can replace "just a top" or "just a skirt" – saving you closet space and a lot of money. But of course the main point is the color, more than a particular item or style.

Other good color basics would be:
Pink: it'll work for Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Charlotte le Bouf .
black: could be used for many villains – from the evil queen to the old hag, Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Frollo and Chernobog – black is both evil and slimming…
but not only villains wear black – Mickey Mouse, Flower (the skunk), Figaro (the cat), Peter Pan's shadow and Bagira could all be great black-based bounds.
Green: Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle (they wear different shades, but you could use the same item and match it up with different accessories), Robin Hood, Ariel's fins, Belle (library dress), Tiana (both frog and human versions), Disgust, and the many Disney crocodiles…
 Red: Mickey and Minnie, Esmeralda, Jasmine, Moana, Lilo and Jessica Rabbit all love this color.

Accessories are where you can get more character-specific, since they are usually cheaper than clothes. Still, here as well, there are few basic that are good to have:

Belts are a great way to add color and shape to a bound:
brown belt for Flynn, Merida, Robin Hood and Peter Pan. Red belt for Genie, Jafar, Mulan and Mary Poppins. And of course black, white, blue and green are always good for color blocking 
(same for scarves and shawls).

Cute black flats are a princess must-have. Brown and black boots are great for both princes and pirates alike. These are good wardrobe basics, with or without bounding.
The infamous disneybound yellow shoes work great for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Snow White and Belle.
ooh, and for Dole Whip!
But honestly, unless they're very prominent in the outfit – I'd save my money for other items. As long as the shoes fit the outfit, that is – they don't break the look and look out of place – good enough.

Hair clips:
bows, flowers, butterflies and fascinators – this is where you can get creative and even a little costume-y if you like. The fun with bounding is that you don't have to be accurate – a feather might be turned to a flower, a hat to bow, an animal sidekick to a hair piece…
of course, hair clips don't have to go only on your head. No one said you can't use your bow under the neck, on a belt, a bag, or a shoulder strap.
No one has to know it's a hair clip...
If you choose just one bow, make it light blue - for Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and even a rule-breaker (non-Disney) Anastasia.

Pins and brooches:
I especially love those because they're easy to make, can be worn anywhere (hair, outfit, bag etc.), you can use more than one, and they allow you to add elements without crowding up the look too much.
Snowflakes, apples, roses, birds, fishes or just a big round blue jems – these are the little touches that really make a bound.
Don't have the right thingamabob? Make it!
Necklaces and earrings:
Like the pins and brooches, only here we sometimes have the option to choose the same jewelry as our character, and not just something inspired by them. What should you choose?
Whatever makes you happy.
Bounding is a great opportunity to use the items you usually don't find the right time to use. 
Want to go casual? Have fun with it. 
Want to go full-on sparkly princess? Shine like a star J
Doesn't look a thing like Ursula's shell, but I still think she would approve.
Where can you get good bounding items?
Well, since I live in a kingdom far, far away, I can't really recommend specific stores. I do buy a lot from aliexpress, which ships world-wide, and while I did have some dissapointmets with cheap fabrics or wrong sizes, I've been mostly pleased with almost everything I got. When I wasn't pleased – I was usually able to get my money back, so all in all it's a rather safe and very cheap option.
An even cheaper option – second hand stores. You'll need patience, and sometimes a little vision – a lot of times the way clothes are presented doesn't really bring out their potential, the lighting and the setting can make them look like rags… but you need to think like a fairy godmother, and see the beautiful ball gown hiding underneath (the diamond in the rough, if you will).
Can you see it? I'm sure Joy can.

Finally – own it.
Taking pictures is hard. It takes time to find your best lighting, your best angles, the poses you feel most comfortable with, the best way for you to edit (I use this site).
It takes time to feel comfortable and smile less awkwardly.
Give yourself the time. Give yourself the credit. Enjoy it, have fun with it, be as silly as you want to be.
This a great and supportive community to be a part of.
Come play dress up with us.

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